Saturday, December 10, 2011

my birthday

happy birthday to myself!
birthday is finally over!
it has nt been a happy one since my broke up 3 years ago.
nt having her in my life is jus meaningless.
everyone did alot for me n everyone jus made my day.
im glad dat god grated me these kind of awesome ppl to me.
im so so touched by all their doings.
some even baked cake for me.
it might nt taste as nice as pastries bt is de thoughts dat counts.
everyone juz sayang me too much.
seriously too much til i almost cried!
unfortunately, i couldnt get de one thing dat i wanted.
dis is wad we cal human.
u r already having de best of everything bt u wil neve noe hw to appreciate.
wher by someone dat doesnt even care or giv a damn on u, u wil care like hell.
i seriously damn mad on u.
u noe who u r.
everyone make de effort of making my day a special n unforgetable one bt wad bou u??
u hosted a dinner for me dat makes me happy bt i cant feel de sincereness at all.
u r jus gathering everyone to celebrate my big day bt withou de heart in it.
all i ever wanted is jus a simple msg saying happy birthday!
dats all i ever need.
u dun hav to bring me to any fine restaurant for dinner or anything.
all i every wanted is jus a wish frm u.
iv been waiting for de whole day n even at de last minute of my bdy,
im nt receiving a wish frm u personally.
im seriously very sad.
im seriously sad til i felt like crying out of sudden.
i dunno y i reacted dat way bt all i noe is i care alot for u.
i seriously do care alot!
wad is wrong wif me?
iv gt lots of frens n buddies around dat cares n love me loads.
bt i refuse n refrain myself frm dem.
all i ever wanted is u!
y is our friendship becoming lidat??/
im seriously so unhappy.
hw could u ruined my birthday??
hw can u hav de ability n me allowing u to ruined my bdy mood??
hw could u?? TEL ME!!!!
i was down de whole dinner session bt i knew u r no longer mine.
our friendship has ended long long time ago.
is me de oly dat thinks i could do sumthing to save our friendship.
bt too bad. im wrong totally wrong!
u dun even giv a damn on hw i feel n felt.
dis round, im serious gonna let u off.
i shud stop myself frm getting hurt d.
is enuf, totally enuf!!!
i shud face de fact dat everything is no longer de same.
take care n all de best to u.
it hurts badly. seriously hurts badly n
dis feeling is as same as hw my ex hurts me.
im totally fragile as for nw.
i shud really keep a distance frm anyone else to prevent ppl hurting me again.
the two most important girl in my life shud really disappear in my life frm nw on.
ah biie, ah dear gudbye!
if no de one dat dies at de end is MYSELF!

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