Saturday, December 17, 2011

My love

My love as a fren for u has already faded since dat day. I dun noe y. Eventhou i told myself i shudnt care anymor for u, bt my brain stil cares bt mayb no longer dat strong! Wad i noe is i shud move on! N there's mor ppl dat cares for me more den u. Im so tired of being de one sacrificing for our frenship. Lao ee is de one dat is always being ther for me no matter wad happens. She neve let me feel de feeling of sacrifice n tiredness. I always feel comfortable being in such frenship. Lao ee, thanks for being ther always. Iloveu loads n thx for bringing my baby boy to dis world! He definately brings lots laughter n cheer up my life! <3 the love of my life!!!!!

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