Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thank u! <3

Thank u for ur breakfast! Dat would b de best breakfast iv ever had. Its been long since dis kinda feeling comes. Babe, u neve fail to cheer me. Bt stil ther's a distance. I appreciates all ur thoughts n all u've done. Im really touched. No one coz ever do dis for me. Oly u. If i could turn bac time, i promise il neve hurt u like wad i did n love u wil all i have. If i could turn bac time, we would b de best couple on earth! Too bad, everything is too late! Babe take care. U hav all my blessings. Find a great person dat noes hw to appreciate u. Im sorry! Stop treating me so gud pls. U make me feel guilty. U deserve someone dat is so much better.

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