Friday, January 20, 2012

7 freaking days

Is 6am rite nw n im blogging dis usin mobile at stallions service apartment.
Babe is gonna leave me in another 7 hours for KL again!
Im nt gonna c dis best fren of mine for 7 freaking days.
Im seriously damn insane nt sleeping bt looking at her stupid yet cute sleeping face.
Having her around for a week plus is totally awesome as it reminds me bou our blissful beautiful past withou arguement n full of tolerant.
Thinking abou nt having her around me is totally sad b down.
I felt like hugging her bt i knew i shudnt as i shud keep a distance btween us.
I shudnt repeat wad i did on her years ago n hurt her once mor!
Im very comfortable wif de relationship between de both of us rite nw as ther's no commitment n promises made dat wil make us quarrel!
Babe, pls b bac in 7 mor days as i need u by my side.
ILY wif all i have n take care whn u r bac in KL for CNY celebrations. 

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