Saturday, May 26, 2012

Current life

Feeling contented wif my current life eventhou is tiring.
I would rather make myself busy til iv gt no time to think of all de things dat makes me unhappy.
Im jus trying to avoid.
I noe im nt over yet.
Bt at least dis time is de longest i could bear.
We haven been talking since dat saturday nite!
Both of us totally lost contact as we knew we couldnt continue dis kinda complicated relationship anymor.
Mayb dis is de best for de both of us.
Is a good start i would say.
I started my own little business nw.
Im nw very busy as im working as tuition teacher in de morning n afternoon.
At nite, i would have to open stall to do some small business at de pasar malam.
Is tiring as i hav nt enuf sleep at all.
Is de best way to at least keep myself happy.
Biie, r u ok over ther? I hope u are happy. Pls take care.
All i ever wanted to c is jus a little smile frm u.
Dat is mor den enuf to make me happy as well.
As long as u r happy, it would b totally too much n enuf for me.

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