Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Today has been a very tiring day.
Very hectic indeed.
Havin class early in de morning den in de afternoon another 2 classes!
Afte class, received a cal frm parents saying my boy is admitted to hosp again due to infection on his operation wound.
My heart were so worry de minute i heard dat.
He is my precious!!!
I love him so muc dat i wanted to cry whn i c needles poke him one afte another!
His hands r full wif injection wounds!
I would rather b de one dat is suffering behalf of him!
Heartache whn he cries each time he is being injected. :(
Afte class, went for business at pasar malam sumor n stand whole nite bcoz forgotten to bring de chair!
Tiring day bt could sleep at all.
Non stop checking on his temperature eventhou nurses is checking every hour.
Worries alot!
I miss u again.
De moment i hav problems, i always talk to u n u wil try to make me laugh by doin all de stupid things.
Bt nw, u r no longer mine.
Im also nt supposed to depend on u anymor.
I need to get used to de life withou ur existence.
De life withou having u saying 'good morning', good night, i love u, i miss u and most of all, 'i heart u biie'.
Saw u posted a pic of u n her today.
I can c, u r happy wif her!
Keep moving! Im happy for u.
As long as u r happy, im thankful.
Dis is de best way to love u!
All de best.
Shall sign off soon as is already 5.30am!
Shud get ready for bro's antibiotic injection AGAIN! :(

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