Thursday, July 12, 2012


Today ended wif tiredness.
Dunno y jus feel extra tired today eventhou i hav oly one class and pasar malam.
Suddenly hav de feeling to write here.
Mayb bcoz im havin my first day of menstrual cycle.
Today's sales not bad and ended peacefully.
Hope everything would go on smoothly as today.
So fast, dis year has come to de middle.
Reflash bac wad happen dis year n i couldnt remember wad i did dis year.
Nothing memorable for me. P
Life has been very boring n nothing interesting ever since i quit college.
Nothing worth my attention ever since i quit studing.
Life nowadays is all abou working n money.
Totally lifeless and nothing worth my attention.
Im nt as happy as last time eventhou iv got money to spend.
It has always been my dream to earn mor n live a better life.
Im nw living de life wher i could jus do wadeva i wan n leave for vacation whenever i wan.
Yet, im stil nt happy.
I seriously dunno wad is goin on wif me!
Tracy wong! Pls think carefully wad u actually hoping n wanted?
Friends? Im seriously hurt frm de previous friendship dat i commited so much! So i dun think i need anymor.
Girlfren? I dont think so coz i wouldnt wan to waste another 8 years on another person dat could possibly hurt me again! I couldnt bear dat kinda pain anymor.
Baby? Im nw having my baby boy dat could at least cheer me up d. I dun think i need another baby anymor as previously i seriously planned to get a test tube baby for myself
Iv already think alot of all i could ever think.
Stil couldnt figure out wad is de reason of unhappyness.
Where is de happy go lucky me dat is happy all de time?
Where is de me dat neve carries today's sorrow to tomorrow?
I dont noe! :(

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