Thursday, August 23, 2012

I jus finis my conversation wif u.
Its been long since i talk to u.
U called and talked so much wif me.
Tomorrow is our anniversary.
24th of august.
U called n said u miss me very much.
Iv seriously stopped myself to stop thinking bou u d.
Everytime iv stop thinking bou our stuff, u wil come interrupt my life again.
No matter hw i miss u, i always tell myself nt to think bou it anymor.
Im doing very well all these while until u cum interrupt my life again.
Its been 8 yrs.
Iv been loving u for 8 yrs.
I neve tot i could love someone dis much n dis long.
Im so confused rite now!!
Wad wil i do if u appear infront of me to celebrate anniversary wif me?

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