Saturday, December 8, 2012


I didnt realize its been so long since im here.
Dat means my life has been good.
Its it a good thing dat im nt here to find u, dear diary?
Perhaps dis is de oly place i could splash all my problems n sorrows.
Withou realizing, de year of 2012 is ending real soon.
Is de month of dec now n is my birthday month.
I didnt realize it is my birthday til my mum, dad n ex gav me my presents today.
Another day to my big day bt iv already hav my presents in hand.
It feels so good dat everyone remembers my birthday.
Its feels even better whn u knew u stand a place on someone's heart.
Iv neve been dis excited n happy before for my birthday.
Bithday has been sumthing very common and super fine n normal day for me.
Iv neve wanted to celebrate dis day at all as it brings sorrow n bad memories each time i recall.
Bt dis year is different.
Im abit excited n happy for it.
Dis year, im having individual dinner wif de 2 most important woman in my life.
Tomorrow, de eve birthday, il b having dinner wif bestie wic is my dear.
She's dating me for a dinner tomorrow nite since a month ago.
It feels so good to b close to her like last time.
Eventhou i always quarrel wif her, bt in de end, she wil jus do sumthibg wic totally melts my heart.
I couldnt resist de warmness n care!
As for baby, she's outstation for an audit. Wouldnt b able to celebrate my birthday wif me.
Hw i wish she's de one who celebrates my eve bdy wif me.
All i ever wanted is always her.
Dis year, my suprise present frm her is a fossil full genuine leather backpack.
Its so sweet of her to realize my backpack is torn n i seriously need a replacement.
Eventhou we r no longer together, we r still such a good fren to look like a couple.
It feels better to b a fren than a couple.
Baby promises to giv me a replacement celebration down at KL.
so il b heading down to KL nex week whn she's bac!
Im so happy for her as she's doing so well on her career.
She has so much increament in her salary.
Perhaps, she has a higher salary than i do. LOL
Did i jus mention she has already broke up wif her girlfren?
Yes! She did broke up.
She didnt want to mention de reason of breaking up.
Bt deep in my heart, i felt happy coz i knew de reason behind it!
Gonna end dis now n i hope nt seeing u again in a short period of time as i do nt hope im in an unhappy mode.
Good night diary! :)

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