Friday, July 4, 2014

its been so so so lonng since im here.
its a good thing dat i dun come here anymore as dis is a place where i complain.
today im here again is because im afriad of being right wif wad iv predicted.
im seriously damn scared dat im really sick.
iv been having dis pain below my armpit n very near to my breast for de past 2 weeks,
de pain hasnt been any better n even got worse yesterday night,
im seriously scared to go for a medical check up n i went googled abou dis pain.
guess wad i found out.
it is a symptoms of a breast cancer as ur lymp nodes is blocked.
i wouldnt want to tel my parents bou dis as im afraid dat they wil b very worry for dat,
till everything is confirmed, i shall annouce.
what shud i do?
im oly 25. OMG!!

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